Procrastinator like me

There’s no time like a deadline to indulge, an archive of long form articles on every topic imaginable. Yesterday I read about how Wired writer Evan Ratcliffe tried to #vanish while being manhunted by the entire Internet (this was back in 2009; “not following it live” is now among my top five worst regrets of all time, a list which includes two perms and most of my friendships up to age 21). I also read about orgasmic meditation which is surprisingly even dodgier than such a moniker would initially suggest and, for bonus points, includes this gif:

Some other interesting finds include the (now popular) Pixar theory; an old article meticulously detailing just how creepy Woody Allen is (in all fairness, not a hard gospel to sell); how feminism in Denmark cockblocked a “professional pick-up artist” (still not as creepy as Woody Allen); and a skeptic’s report from an “afterlife conference” (which is exactly what it sounds like).

And, whoops, I’ve opened up six other articles while scanning the website…


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