The best of the worst of Ravelry

Here are some of the creativity/common sense diverging patterns I found on Ravelry recently:



First up we have a pregnancy mesh. You know, in case the baby escapes from your womb. And in case you’re worried about the shelf life of this item–a short nine months–don’t worry: you can use it after the birth to chafe your newborn.

Fish trap


Put me on a sugarpot

In keeping with the baby theme we have this dress for that special little half-human, half-doily in your life. In all seriousness, though, the design isn’t that bad–nice and roomy for the ever-bulky nappy–but it’s very retro and not in a good British sort of way.


Oh hell! Oh, kitty.

This is the basilisk of Hello Kitty attire. You must not look into its eyes. Either pair. It’s just as well the doll is fully clothed, or we would have the creepiest picture in the history of everything.


Trick scarf

It’s easier when you realise that this is not just a scarf, but also a puzzle and the consequences, if you put it on wrong, may be severe.




Be still my heart

The Sad Case of the Etsy Brother. I call it “the heart attack scarf”. There’s nothing wrong with the little of the scarf one can see. But it’s lost in a whorl of polite embarrassment.



Last we have this pullover. I’d say it’s calling from the eighties but I’m too afraid to pick up in case he’s on the other end of the line. The design isn’t bad, but it’s like Microsoft XP was sick all over this. Nay, nay!


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