The Walking Dead: S3 preview videos, spoilers, and pictures of Norman Reedus

Merle and Daryl

Here are a bunch of short preview clips from The Walking Dead S3E9, ‘The Suicide King’ and here are a bunch of rumours, spoilers and tidbits about the rest of season 3. In the preview videos it looks like the (bloodthirsty) residents of Woodbury cheer Merle and Daryl on to fight to the death (suburbia!), but at one point we see Daryl hurtling through the forest with his crossbow and later drawing a knife, so we can assume he survives…for now. Or can we? By the sound of things not even Rick Grimes is safe from another round of super death (please let it be Carl!).

Related: I have very poor celebrity news website navigation skills. And as promised, eye candy:


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